The man is the size of his dream.
Fernando Pessoa

Cape of Good Hope, South Africa



Sometimes I think whether I have already lived two lives. I say this because in my first life I started an international career which led me to live in 12 countries, where I worked as an Engineer, specialised in the Process Improvement arena.

The degree I took on Industrial Engineering and Management in IST, Lisbon, led me to finish a master degree in Management of Production in Gothenburg Technical University, in Sweden. The master thesis was done in Volvo Cars, where I worked and learned a lot. Later, I worked 7 years in Nestlé, in Vevey, Switzerland which is a great company to work for, where I learned several good practices about leadership, project management and interpersonal relationships. Lastly, I worked 2 years in PriceWaterhouseCoopers in London (another great school), namely in consultancy and operational advisory.

Later on, I decided to qualify as a coach, specialising in Executive Coaching and Team Coaching. I hold the MCC credential by the ICF and the EIA at Senior Practitioner level by the EMCC. I am also a coaches’ supervisor, helping them in their continuous improvement process as professionals they are, and I am a big defensor of the highest ethical standards. Additionally, I am a mentor coach, supporting coaches in their credentialing process for the ICF and the AC.

I have specialized in Medical Coaching, in order to help people who are going through medical processes (as patients or caregivers) to live a more whole life in this phaM

In my Coaching path, I wrote 13 books, 3 of them were published in Portugal through Smartbook by the Nexo Literário publishing house. The title Coaching was reedited in 2018 by Lua de Papel (Leya). I wrote a fourth book that I published in the UK with the title 101 FAQs about Coaching. The remainder of the books are part of the e-books collection published through Amazon and under the title Storytelling for Coaching.

I have been co-author of the ICT Portugal Book which title is Coaching – ir mais longe cá dentro. And I have contributed to many other publications, opinion articles and interviews, namely other author’s books and specialised magazines and journals.

I am a soft skills and behavioural trainer, in leadership development programmes, tailormade to the company’s reality. And, nowadays, I am also associated with various international companies that offer services and partnerships worldwide in customised trainings, open enrolment and individual and team coaching.


I have been President of ICF Portugal during 2015-2016. I have been a member of the Regional Advisory Council for the ICF EMEA in 2017. Since 2016, I have been volunteering as a coaching supervisor in Association for Coaching. And since 2019 I belong to the ICF assessors’ pool, for credentialing processes.

Moreover, I am a member of the Board of APG (Associação Portuguesa de Gestão das Pessoas), where I coordinate since 2019 the GPC (Portuguese Coaching Group).

I really enjoy to participate as a speaker in webinars and conferences, conveying my knowledge and experience in these areas that I am so passionate about – Coaching as a powerful tool for the personal development; ethics and professional competence.

I tutor specific courses in renown national universities, such as Self-Mastery Program at ISEG and Relationship Management at Técnico+. I have the privilege to collaborate with other recognised national educational institutions, such as IPL and IPT. I am also a member of the ICC (International Coaching Community) faculty with international courses about Storytelling for Coaching.

My moments of inner connection is through walks, reading and travelling. I do learn a lot with others and like to be in good company!


  •    Member of the Portuguese Engineering Charter
  •    Training certificate of  ICF MCC Markers by ICF
  •    Training certificate of  ICF PCC Markers by ICF
  •    Training certificate in Medical Coaching by the Medical Coaching Institute in Israel
  •    Training certificate in Team Coaching by ICC
  •    Training certificate in Transactional Analysis 101 by UKATA
  •    Training certificate in Coaching Supervision and Mentor Coaching by Coaching Development Ltd
  •    Training certificate in Executive Coaching by the Executive Coaching Academy (with merit)
  •    Training diploma in Life Coaching by NMC Ltd (with distinction)
  •    Official trainer (with distinction)
  • Instituto Superior Técnico – IST
  • Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão – ISEG
  • Instituto Politécnico de Leiria – IPL
  • Instituto Politécnico de Tomar – IPT
  • MoovOne
  • CCL
  • The Forton Group
  • EnCompass