What lies behind us
and what lies before us
are tiny matters
compared to what lies within us
Ralph Emerson

Balmaceda, Chile


More and more we need better leaders! Leaders who can inspire us to do our best with their vision, their courage and integrity.

Executive Coaching is one of the most effective tools used to create and shape up leaders, as well as to help you create strategies to resolve your daily challenges.

My approach, both challenges and supports the client and will trigger reflection and action. The goal is to help you work through challenges and issues you would like to see resolved, transforming them into positive results to your organisation.

Self-awareness is the first step to improve your performance and be successful.

The duration of an executive coaching session lasts between 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the proposal set, and its frequency is dictated by the client.


People come to coaching with the idea that something needs to change: their lives, themselves and/or their behaviour. They are after life fulfilment, happiness, balance, simplicity and stress-free lifestyles. However, they pay more attention to their internal saboteur (negative self-talk) than to their dreams and how to reach the stars.

Many people switch on their autopilot in life and let things be, going from home to work, jiggling between demanding careers with unfulfilled life styles.

Through a series of exercises, conversations and challenges, I will support you in discovering your journey to fulfilment and balance, so that you can live happier with your choices and transform your objectives into reality. I guarantee you that at the end of the coaching process, you will certainly know yourself much better.

Typically, a life coaching session lasts 60 min and its frequency is decided by the client.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Whether you are going through a medical process, meaning whether you are a patient, are sick and/or you recognise yourself as someone’s caregiver, Medical Coaching could be of interest to you!

Medical Coaching is a follow-up process based on a partnership between medical coach and client, which will develop your resilience and create mental and emotional resources, so you can go through this journey in a way that makes you feel more resourceful and whole.


  • It helps the patient, who sees him/herself in an unwanted situation, very often without knowing how to define a new identity.
  • It also helps the caregiver, who very often is so focused on providing a better life to the other person, that forgets his/her self and to live his/her own life.
  • It also helps all healthcare professionals (physicians, nurses, assistants, etc) as it empowers them by improving their communication skills, abilities to motivate and to increase the patient adherence to the therapeutics.

    It is being conscious throughout the way that we can create strategies and resources and we can develop our capabilities to overcome these challenges, being whole, more resourceful and why not, happier.

    Medical Coaching does not substitute any medical consultation and it is seen as a complement that operates at the coachee’s emotions and thoughts.

    I will be waiting for you!