Reading makes a full man, deliberation a ready man,
and writing a precise man.

Francis Bacon

Praia do Leão, Brasil


This was the first book I wrote. I still lived in London and I thought Portugal deserved, at that time a book about Coaching written by a national citizen. It turned out to be a good decision, as this book reached the 3rd edition and later was republished by Leya.

I loved to write this book and the feedback that I still receive from readers, help me to continue writing! 

Indeed, this was my second book. I wrote it whilst I was still living in London and I decided it would be an author edition, which contributed for me to expand my knowledge of the editorial world. This has helped in, later on, to navigate through the editorial world of my following book editions in Portugal.

This was my third book, which basically was a translation for Portuguese. It is a very interesting book, as it touchbases three big topics within a coaching practice: how to initiate and to develop your own coaching practice and how to expant your coaching profession/activity. It is indicated for coaches who are giving the first steps in the Coaching arena.

I really liked to create this book. In fact, it is a compilation of powerful questions from executives and coaches in Portugal. I have invited 21 executives and coaches and I have challenged them to identify their powerful question and explain the reasons why they chose that question and the powerful question. The result was 21 different questions written in a corporate context, enriching and diversified. It is an adequate reading for leaders in development.

When I decied to deepen my knowledge in Storytelling, I noticed there was an absence in the market of a book that compiled short stories that would convey an important message to the individual and therefore would reach out more easily.

Hence, I created an ebook collection with very pertinent short stories. The illustrations are authored by Cristina Salvador and the theme for the first ebook was Leadership. 

The second theme was Focus. In fact, all ebooks have verbs in their titles, with exception of this one.

All ebooks are available on Amazon. The first two tiles of this collection are also available in Spanish.

Being was the third ebook from the collection. Being is an important aspect that sometimes gets sent to second plan. We are human beings,  focussed in living as “human havings”! Many people switch on their automatic pilots and hide from the awareness and accountability of regulating their emotions. Doing is easy. Having is easy. The real challenge is to get to know our Being at the most deepest level.

Because many of us live running, complicating and acquiring things many times without thinking, I decided the theme Simplifying would be pertinent in nowadays. To build simplifying, eliminating the unnecessary, the toxic, and the things that do not had value, as leaders and as people. Focus on our own essence, shine and make others shine as well!

This is the last book of the collection and it would have to have this title – Believing! For me this is one of the most powerful words, because it helps us to have credits for ourselves, for others, creating trust that is fundamental in the working and personal relationships. Good reading!

This was the last book I wrote so far, and it is curious it is a reedition of my last book. This reedition is augmented and improved and includes more information about coaching supervision and other aspects of coaching. 

The cover is very inspiring as one again it illustrate the power of coaching in helping finding your way.

This book is co-authored by my English peer coach and supervisor Julia Menaul. This is a practical guide that demystifies in some extent this topic and that identifies various types of loss besides the death of a closed person. Written in a simple way, it shares several real-life case-studies that help coaches see how this topic is more often brought in to coaching sessions.

I had the privilege of co-authoring various books in Portugal and Brazil.

It will be a honour for me to write you a personalised autograph when you purchase any of my books. Please send your request to Maggie João.