There are three methods to gaining wisdom.
The first is reflection, which is the highest.
The second is limitation, which is the easiest.
The third is experience, which is the bitterest.

Palenque, Mexico


Coaching Supervision is a developmental and supportive process necessary to attain a structured continuous development that gives support to the professional, looking at competencies, approaches, models, ethics and standards.

My vision is to develop Coaching Supervision in Portugal and coach’s need to reflect about his/her practice, to develop their competencies and to grow professionally, which ultimately will positively impact the quality and reputation of this profession and its excellence.

In this line of thought, my approach to supervision encompasses working on developing competencies, helping expressing intuition, modelling theories and methodologies, introducing high quality standards when working, sharing experiences and learnings. On the other hand, it is also linked with strengthening the professionalism of the coaches, reinforcing ethics, complementing approaches, developing insights, exploring the here and now, and assisting the rediscovery what is their talent when coaching and/or supervising.

The idea is to understand how can I be a better coach and make it happen.

Supervision sessions last 60 minutes and can be individual or in group. Supervision can be done to external and internal coaches.


As certified and registered Mentor Coach, I am delighted to help you with your credentialing process, with ICF or AC.

Regardless or the path you choose to credential, I have created an individual programme for the credentialling, which aims at:

  • Understanding the coaching competencies which are the ICF/AC framework:
  • Analysing and improving your coaching competencies;
  • Listening and analysing all coaching sessions’ records where you coach a client, regardless whether s/he is a probono client or not;
  • Giving you tools to improve your coaching practice and to make you feel more comfortable wearing the coaching hat;
  • Identifying together with you the best record(s) in order to submit with the application;
  • Preparing you for online assessments;
  • Helping you throughout the entire application process.

 This is a very interesting and revealing process, in which certainly you will come out richer not only as a professional, as well as a human being.

I can help clients going through this process in Portuguese, English and Spanish.